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Syrian Rebels - A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Syrian Revolution. We are committed to the fundamental values of freedom, justice, truth, and human rights for everyone r/syriancivilwar: This subreddit is dedicated to news, analysis and discussion on the conflicts in Syria and Iraq along with the regional and global Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. Syria's Civil War (2011—ongoing) r/ syriancivilwar. Join. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card.

BEIRUT — Russian warplanes bombed Syrian rebel-held mountainous areas in the western coastal province of Latakia on Monday as Syrian government forces hit the area with artillery and rocket fire. Syrian rebels are the armed wing of the opposition movement that emerged out of the 2011 uprisingagainst the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. They do not represent the whole of Syria's diverse opposition, but they stand on the frontline of Syria's civil war. 01 of 0 https://t.co/2oLPtOxUnn #Syria Protests in #Jordan due to the killing of a Syrian #refugee chil

On September 18, 2019, Russia stated the United States and Syrian rebels were obstructing the evacuation process of a refugee camp in southern Syria. On September 28, 2019, Syria's top diplomat demanded the foreign forces, including that of US and Turkey, to immediately leave the country, saying that the Syrian government holds the right to protect its territory in all possible ways if they. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email Print. Jihadists and allied rebels in northwestern Syria Monday killed at least 12 pro-regime fighters, thwarting their advance, a Britain-based war monitoring group said. Another 17 pro-regime fighters were wounded while on the jihadist-led side six fighters died, said the Britain-based group Syrian Observatory for Human. BEIRUT (AFP) - Islamists and allied rebels in northwestern Syria on Monday (Aug 3) killed at least 12 pro-regime fighters, thwarting their advance, a Britain-based war monitoring group said.. Read.

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Syria: Yesterday, RUS Dep. FM Vershinin & President Envoy Lavrentiev met with Assad, including to discuss the constitutional committee convening in late August. It's been a while since they were last in Damascus. They usually seek to elicit constructive government behavior before political talk AR-15 Maintenance: Field-strip, Clean and Lubricate an AR-15 | Gunsite Academy Firearms Training - Duration: 29:38. National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF Recommended for yo

The company's plan is to sell the Syrian oil to various customers in the region, potentially including Assad, Turkish-backed rebels and Iraqi Kurdistan, all of whom could then sell it on the. Syrian Civil War Map: Get all visualized information on recent military gains and losses in Syria and Iraq. News about the war against ISIS and the latest interactive live map of the Syrian Civil War February 24, 2020 81,834 Views . IDLIB: Syrian rebels kill Assad militants during gun battle at a chicken farm in Naira Syria n state media said 2,289 people had left the district to rebel-held Idlib province on Sunday, half of whom were fighters. Rebels put the total figure at more than 1,500 people. Rebels put.

Other rebel fighting forces: Syrian Islamic Liberation Front: The major rebel fighting coalition independent of the FSA in the period 2012-2013, including the moderate Islamist groups Suqour al-Sham, Al-Tawhid Brigade and Jaysh al-Islam, deploying up to half the opposition's fighting force. It main members joined the Islamic Front in 2013. Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army: A coalition of. Warning - thread ** GRAPHIC** ** Volume warning And brutal Execution** 18+....FSA/Al nusra terrorists executing syrian soldiers might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; Pinterest ; Linkedin; Asia The lives of Syrian rebels / Updated Aug. 2, 2012 / 2:35 AM UTC 15 PHOTOS. NBC Producer Ghazi Balkiz traveled with NBC Chief Foreign.

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Islamic State militants launched two suicide attacks on U.S.-backed Syrian rebels near the border with Iraq, leaving at least 12 dead in the fighting and many wounded, rebel sources said on Sunday Syrian Rebels Reddit: How Western Powers fail to understand how the Assadist Regime works ' Here a brilliant example for typical failure of the Western 'inteligentsya' to understand how the Assad regime 'works' - and thus a failure to comprehend the Assadist propaganda too 'Moderate' Syrian rebels defecting to ISIS, blaming lack of U.S. support and weapons Back to video Even when they received weapons heavier than rifles, they came encumbered with bureaucracy In its assault against the Islamic State group this week, Turkey empowered an Arab rebel force that originally was formed to fight the Syrian regime, mainly in the city of Aleppo.The offensive. Syrian rebels have withdrawn their heavy weapons from the province of Idlib as part of a demilitarization deal with Russia and Turkey, Turkey's state-run news agency says. Oct 8, 2018 Worl

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Russian planes bomb rebel-held area in Syria's Latakia

Syrian rebels reddit Syria's Civil War (2011—ongoing) - reddit . r/syriancivilwar: This subreddit is dedicated to news, analysis and discussion on the conflicts in Syria and Iraq along with the regional and global . To all Syrian rebels, what are your views on countries . Last time Ivan called in an airstrike on twitter, RuAF replied with a UAV video of a bomb being dropped on those. Syrian rebels reddit Syria's Civil War (2011—ongoing) • r/syriancivilwar - reddit . Any sort of derailing from the Syrian Civil War or issues directly related to it is not allowed. This includes the inner Turkey-PKK conflict, inner-US politics (deep state, the pro-Israel lobby) Syrian Rebels Reddit @SyrianReddit The official Twitter account of r/SyrianRebels, a forum for supporters of the.

Fighting in northern Syria between Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and Islamic State militants killed at least 15 rebels as the opposition tried to push toward a town of symbolic importance for the. In the absence of American assistance, the rebels' momentum has stalled, and the battles for Damascus, Aleppo, and Syria's other strategic centers have devolved into a grim stalemate Article content. AMMAN — Syrian rebel commanders said on Monday they are ready to join Turkish troops in an offensive to seize back largely Arab-populated towns and villages in northeast Syria. Rebel fighters shot down a Russian plane over Syria's northwest Idlib province and captured its pilot, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. (AFP Photo) DAMASCUS, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- A Russian pilot was killed after his warplane was targeted by the Syrian rebels in the northwestern province of Idlib on Saturday, a monitor group reported

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Politifact points out politicians on both sides of the aisle, advocating both for and against aid to the Syrian rebels, who use questionable sources to justify the numbers of radical or moderate elements among the rebel forces. For example, Senator John McCain has been a vocal proponent of aid to the rebels and has stated that close to 70 percent of the rebels are still moderate. When pressed. Syrian rebel delegates huddled in Kazakhstan on Sunday ahead of talks with government representatives, scheduled to begin on Monday - the first such negotiations between the two sides in a year (R) Syrian rebels stormed a government-held area in northeastern Damascus on Tuesday for the second time in three days, sources on both sides said, the opposition's first such large scale. Syrian rebels have withdrawn their heavy weapons from the province of Idlib as part of a demilitarization deal with Russia and Turkey, Turkey's state-run news agency says Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad declared Damascus International Airport a legitimate target on Friday in a bid to cut off regime supplies, as clashes between government.

Turkey-backed Syrian rebels kill Kurdish politician

I. Subreddit Devoted To Syrian Rebels Supports Extremists, Syrian White Helmets. The front page of r/SyrianRebels sports a number of posts that are anti-Assad and support the contention that the Syrian government was behind the April 4th chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria. They also feature several articles from the Atlantic. Zahran Alloush (Arabic: زهران علوش ‎ Zahrān ʿAlūš; 1971 - 25 December 2015) was a Syrian Islamist leader active in the Syrian Civil War.He was the commander of Jaysh al-Islam (or Army of Islam), a major component of the Islamic Front, of which he was the military chief, and was described as one of the most powerful persons in rebel-held Syria Share Tweet Whatsapp Reddit E-mail. A general view shows the city of Aleppo city, Syria. A senior Syrian opposition official accused Russia on Friday of procrastinating in talks with rebels over.

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President Obama has authorized sending weapons to Syrian rebels for the first time, U.S. officials said Thursday, after the White House disclosed that the United States has conclusive evidence. Syrian rebels with ties to al-Qaeda attack Christian village under government control. The attacks on the ancient village highlighted fears among Syria's religious minorities about the growing.

reddit. MySpace. StumbleUpon. U.S. increasing contacts with Syrian rebels. By Barbara Starr . The United States has increased contacts with Syrian opposition officials in recent week, a senior U.S. official said Friday. The official explained that the U.S. and others are playing more of an advisory role to the opposition now. Underpinning those increased contacts with the opposition is the. CNN reported in 2012 that America was involved in training the rebels to secure and monitor chemical weapons sites. The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia and the West are in a showdown over continuing the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria's mainly rebel-held northwest after the current U.N. mandate expires on.

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  1. Syrian regime forces. File photo. Damascus (SyriaNews.media) Syrian government forces and their affiliated militias launched an attack on the rebels-held areas in eastern Qalamun, in the.
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  3. Russia, Syria's most important ally, has argued that aid should be delivered from within the country across conflict lines and just one crossing point is needed

12 Pro-Regime, 6 Rebel Fighters Die in Syria Clashes: Monito

  1. Daraa (Syria News) The Syrian rebels carried out a wide offensive, on Thursday, on the Islamic State headquarters, in the western countryside of Daraa, sources told Qasioun News. The sources.
  2. Syrian government forces, supported by Russia, have been trying to retake Idlib from jihadist groups and Turkish-backed rebel factions. Idlib is the last Syrian province where Syrian rebel groups.
  3. Daraa (Syria News) Local sources informed, on Tuesday, that the Syrian rebels have set an ambush to the Syrian regime force, in the northern countryside of Daraa, Qasioun News reported. The.

The Southern Front (Arabic: الجبهة الجنوبية ‎) was a Syrian rebel alliance consisting of 54 or 58 Syrian opposition factions affiliated with the Free Syrian Army, established on 13 February 2014 in southern Syria.. By June 2015, the Southern Front controlled about 70 percent of Daraa Governorate, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies Syrian government forces ride a motorcycle around the main square after being deployed in Yabroud town, Syria, Sunday, March 16, 2014. Syrian troops backed by Hezbollah fighters seized a key rebel.

Fierce fighting broke out around the Syrian city of Aleppo Friday as rebels announced a large-scale offensive to break the government's siege of opposition-held areas In Washington, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim rejected the U.S. desire to keep supporting Syrian Kurdish rebel forces even after ISIS is finished The Syrian National Army (SNA; Arabic: الجيش الوطني السوري ‎, romanized: al-Jayš al-Waṭanī as-Sūrī), also mentioned as the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA), is an armed Syrian opposition structure. Though concentrated in Turkish-occupied areas, originally as a part of Operation Euphrates Shield, the SNA also established a presence in the Idlib Governorate during.

12 pro-regime, 6 rebel fighters die in Syria clashes

Share this item on Reddit reddit Copy article link Copy link BEIRUT — Syrian government forces captured 14 villages on Monday as they advanced on the largest rebel-held enclave in the country. At least one member of the U.S.-trained New Syrian Forces has died and five more have been captured during repeat attacks by al-Qaida affiliate Nusra Front in northern Syria, a senior U.S. defense.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday highlighted his administration's determination to retake all Syrian areas from rebels, the state news agency SANA reported Russia's Defense Ministry said Saturday that Syrian rebels are planning a chemical weapons attack, with the aim of blaming it on the Syrian government to provoke a military response from the West Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; Pinterest; Linkedin; World 'We are fighters': Wounded Syrian rebels caught in Lebanon . This 20 year old wounded Syrian opposition fighter who was hit by shrapnel in. Syria says US oil firm signed deal with Kurdish-led rebels A ministry statement, published on state media, did not name the firm involved in the deal with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) By REUTERS AUGUST 2, 2020 BEIRUT - Syria's foreign ministry said on Sunday that an American oil.. Russia scored a victory for its ally Syria on Saturday by forcing the Security Council to limit humanitarian aid deliveries to the country's mainly rebel-held northwest to just one crossing point from Turkey, a move that Western nations say will cut a lifeline for 1.3 million people. Russia argues that aid should be delivered from [

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  1. Russian-backed Syrian regime forces have taken an important town in the rebel stronghold province of Idlib. The regime's three-month campaign has killed more than 2,000 people and displaced some.
  2. Over 10,000 Turkey-backed Syrian rebels are fighting in Libya alongside the UN-backed Libyan government to fight against the east-based army, a wa
  3. istry said had been been abandoned by Syrian government forces
  4. Assad regime fighters blown to pieces with ATGM by Syrian rebels in western Aleppo. Facebook; Twitter; WhatsApp; Reddit; Messenger; TEXT; Anti-tank guided missile attack on Syrian soldiers. IDLIB: Jihadist offensive strike on Syrian army with a Metis anti-tank guided missile . Turkish National Liberation Front militants take out Syrian Arab Army tank with anti-tank guided missile in Idlib. Hay.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, said 120 civilians were killed, along with 275 SDF fighters, 196 Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, 10 Turkish soldiers, and five. (R) Turkey-backed Syrian rebel groups clashed with government forces near a city in northern Syria they captured from Islamic State, the second such confrontation in that region this month Turkish-backed Syrian rebels enter the own of Saraqeb, in Idlib province. By taking the strategic northwestern town, the forces cut off the key highway linking the capital, Damascus, with the. Syrian rebels have been moving toward Raqqa in a broader campaign to isolate and retake the city from IS. The coalition is part of the largely Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, which the U.S.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email Print. Syrian rebel factions leading the Turkish ground incursion into northeastern Syria killed a leading female Kurdish activist and politician and filmed themselves executing at least two prisoners. On Saturday, October 12, Ahrar al-Sharqiya set up a checkpoint on the M4 highway in Tal Abyad and fired at vehicles full of. Syrian rebels deny humanitarian aid arrive in eastern Ghouta. by Loaa Adel Aug 17, 2017, 2:49 pm. 56. SHARES. Share Tweet Whatsapp Reddit E-mail. Representational photo. Damascus Sources belonging. Syrian army takes strategic town from rebels in new advance Back to video The Hezbollah media unit described the town as the gateway to the southern countryside of Idlib, to the main Damascus. The FSA is by far the largest Syrian rebel force. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. John McCain have both estimated the total rebel force in Syria at around 100,000. They claim the.

News Syrian rebels and civilians begin evacuating devastated suburb of Damascus. Daraya lies just 7 km from the Syrian seat of power, but it was one of the first to rise against Assad's hardline rule In the past, she wanted to arm the Syrian rebels, which the CIA is now doing via the Saudis, though some of those arms are clearly going to Salafi allies of al-Qaeda in Syria. It is not clear if. BEIRUT — A Syrian soccer goalkeeper who became an icon of the rebellion against President Bashar Assad has died of wounds suffered in a battle with government forces, the rebels said Saturday Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; Pinterest; Linkedin; World . Syrian Rebels Evacuated from 'Capital of the Revolution' Video Reportedly Shows Syrian Rebels Leaving Homs May 7, 2014 01:26. Breaking News.

Reddit Allows Syrian Rebel Group To Promote Al-Qaeda Affiliates. zeropointnow Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:44pm EST 1 Comment. William Craddick | Disobedient Media [For those who aren't familiar with Disobedient Media, founder William Craddick is an incredibly detail-oriented journalist. Armed with a law degree and a penchant for research, Craddick and his team have done deep digs on a wide. And nearly half of these people live in rebel-held areas. The conflict in Syria has thus far left 150,000 people dead, and created widespread instability in the country. U.N. officials refer to this situation as one of the world's biggest humanitarian disasters. Until now, nearly 90 percent of aid from the U.N. Security Council was appropriated for those in government-controlled regions. The.

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As the rebel-held parts of Aleppo were finally conquered by the Syrian Army in December 2016, the loyalist remnants of the Fastaqim Union were among the rebels that were evacuated from Aleppo to Idlib Governorate. On 25 January 2017, the remaining members of the union's Aleppo branch joined Ahrar al-Sham. Former Fastaqim Union spokesman Ammar Sakkar explained that this move had become a. Syria: Idlib reaches a breaking point Families flee as frontline closes in. Syrian troops have intensified their push for the country's last major rebel enclave — a prelude to their total.

SYRIA: Obama-backed FSA rebels go on a beheading spree

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In 2011, a civil war broke out in Syria. WikiLeaks reported that the U.S. government had been covertly funding Syrian opposition groups since 2006, mainly the London-based Movement for Justice and Development in Syria and an associated satellite TV channel Barada TV. Special Activities Division teams were said to have been deployed to Syria during the uprising to ascertain rebel groups. Moderate Syrian rebels are rapidly losing ground in that country to jihadists and to the Bashar al-Assad regime, so much so that the fighters whom the Pentagon would support may have a postage. A group of U.S.-backed Syrian rebels surrendered to the Syrian government troops on Friday in Palmyra city in central Syria, state news agency SAN

IDLIB: Syrian rebels kill Assad militants during gun

Reddit Flipboard Email CIA is training Syrian Since late last year, the CIA has been training small numbers of Syrian rebels at secret bases in Turkey and Jordan, CBS News has confirmed. The. MOSCOW — A Russian military source cited by Russian news agencies said on Thursday that an assertion by Syrian rebels that they had recaptured the strategic town of Saraqeb from government. BEIRUT — Syrian rebel fighters have launched a major assault on government-held parts of southwestern Aleppo in an attempt to reopen supply lines after the army and its allies tightened their.

2,000 Syrian rebels and their families flee devastated

Syrian opposition members CBS News has spoken with know of no plan to arm Syrian rebels on the ground. But Mr. Obama seemed to indicate in his press conference on Tuesday that the use of chemical. Assad did not use Chemical weapons throughout the war. You may think in 2013 that he did because that's what all western media was reporting about. However, if you think of it objectively, you'll realise that no sane person in the government would..

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  1. Share on Reddit; FILE - In this Dec. 17, 2012 file photo, Syrian rebels attend a training session in Maaret Ikhwan near Idlib, Syria. Syrian rebels on Friday, May 8, 2015, voiced serious reservations about a U.S. program to train moderate rebels which U.S. and Jordanian officials say has kicked off in Jordan, dismissing it as a drop in the ocean that would not change realities on the ground.
  2. Syrian Rebels Execute Other Syrian Rebels [GRAPHIC VIDEO] Share on Facebook Share on Flipboard Share via E-mail More share options Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on Reddit Share on WhatsAp
  3. Rebels who CBS' Clarissa Ward met in Syria have crude weaponry, and must buy guns on black market at a permium. CBS News The rebels in Syria are up against a trained well-armed military

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The Pentagon distanced itself Friday from Col. Nadim al-Hassan, a captured Syrian rebel leader who has been key to U.S. plans to shape a local ground-fighting force to combat the Islamic State Reddit; Mail; Site Section. Foreign Affairs; Related stories. Back from hell, back from Syria; EU ministers set to beef up Syria arms embargo, sanctions; Lack of funding may force Syrian refugees into Europe ; EU offers Syria rebels 'non-lethal' equipment; EU makes diamonds-for-democracy offer to Zimbabwe; Feature Back from hell, back from Syria 14. Feb 2013, 09:18. The West should give the. Reddit; LinkedIn; On the Sunday talk shows, various members of Congress exhorted the United States to increase its assistance to the Syrian rebels, whether by providing them with additional (lethal) equipment, or by establishing a no-fly zone, or by entering Syria to secure its chemical weapons caches. Last night the Post reported that the Executive Branch is seriously weighing whether to arm. The rebels were killed in a dawn ambush near the town of Adra, east of Damascus, the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. At least 62 rebels fell as martyrs, most of them.

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  1. DAMASCUS, Syria - Syrian government forces captured new areas from insurgents in their efforts to control a key highway in the northwest Saturday, as Turkey sent more reinforcements into the war.
  2. CAR studied 40,000 weapons recovered from Daesh since 2014 and found that a large amount of them were US arms given or sold to Syrian rebel groups. In one case, an arsenal including anti-tank weapons switched hands from the US to Syrian rebels to Daesh in only a two month period
  3. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. Comments . Back to Gallery. UN approves aid to Syria's rebel area through 1 crossing. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. Comments.
Syria: 1930s thru 1960s (Slideshow) | World AffairsSyria's Rebels Prepare to Take Idlib Province from AssadAleppo’s Deadly Stalemate: A Visit to Syria’s DividedSen

Up to 5,000 ethnic Uighurs from China's violence-prone far western region of Xinjiang are fighting in various militant groups in Syria, the Syrian ambassador to China said on Monday, adding that. Inside Syria's civil war. Sneaking across Syria's border, Clarissa Ward reports from its most dangerous city, Aleppo, where a battle rages between rebel groups and Syria's militar Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email Print. A suspected drug smuggler and other former member of the last remaining U.S.-backed rebel group in Syria defected to territory controlled by Bashar al-Assad government in an embarrassing spectacle for the opposition militia and U.S. Special Operations. According to rebel sources familiar with the matter, Samir Ghannam al.

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